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Introducing The Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse

As the season changes from spring to summer, it feels like the perfect time to reassess and clear out what's no longer serving us. This got me thinking... Can this be done on all levels? Could we create a cleanse that would address things we are

holding onto on a physical, mental, and spiritual/emotional level?

This combination is a great example of what The Sundry is all about and I am SO excited to be able to offer it for you!

Shoot me an email at to get started on your 10-day cleanse!

Happy Saturday!

- Jess

FOR THE MIND | Inner Matrix System® One-on-One Introduction Course

Each of us has our own Inner Matrix, which consists of our emotions, thought strategies, and nervous system, that drives our actions, and behavior, and ultimately creates our experience of life.

This introduction to Inner Matrix Systems is a complimentary 3-session course, during which you learn about the dynamic interplay between your emotions, your thoughts and your nervous system, and how training them gives you access to creating the life you always hoped was possible.

Those engaging Inner Matrix Systems practices routinely experience: Reduced stress, Increased focus, Higher emotional intelligence, Improved health and well-being, and Enhanced connection to intuition.

FOR THE BODY | Nutrition and lifestyle coaching & support

Amy is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Nutrition Coach. Nutrition and lifestyle coaching looks at all aspects of diet and lifestyle to embed new long-term healthy habits to improve health, wellness, and longevity. Having personally overcome illness, Amy offers personal experience and empathy in meeting individuals where they are and supporting them along their path to wellness.

The goal of these sessions is to offer support, recipes, and tips & tricks on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

UltraDetox 10-Day Pure Pack®is designed to promote liver and G.I. health and function, normal detoxification processes for common, mild environmental heavy metal exposure. It also moderates the effects of environmental estrogens with a comprehensive profile of bioavailable vitamins, chelated minerals, and other ingredients.

FOR THE SPIRIT | One Energy Session at The Sundry

The goal of this energy and chakra balancing session is to correct bio-energetic imbalances and blockages and to increase energy flow that has been disrupted by stress, pain, or illness. The process eliminates blockages in the energy field putting you in an optimal state for healing to occur.

During the month of your cleanse, you are invited to join 1(one) group healing event of your choice at The Sundry.

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