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Transform an ordinary birthday into a magical celebration with the Best Wishes Gift Set. This thoughtfully curated collection brings together the enchanting experience of Flying Wish Paper, the cleansing aroma of Palo Santo Matches, and the heartfelt touch of an eco-friendly birthday card.


What's Inside:

Flying Wish Paper: Capture your deepest wishes and dreams, set them aflame, and watch as they rise to the heavens. Includes 15 sheets of Flying Wish Paper, 5 Wish Platforms, 1 Pencil & Instructions.


Palo Santo Matches: Infuse your birthday moments with the sacred scent of Palo Santo. Each matchstick is hand-dipped in natural Palo Santo resin, known for its purifying and healing properties. Light one to create an atmosphere of peace and positivity, enhancing the birthday ambiance with its calming fragrance.


Hand-pressed birthday Card of your choice: Share your heartfelt wishes with our beautifully crafted birthday card, made from 100% recycled cotton paper.

Best Wishes

$37.00 Regular Price
$29.60Sale Price

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