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Wrap Them In Warmth is the perfect gift for someone facing a difficult time. Filled with cozy and comforting items, this care package is designed to bring warmth and love to those who need it most. From the 100% Egyptian cotton robe, to the Adaptogen tincture, each item has been carefully selected to provide holistic care.


While this care package is perfectly suited for someone facing illness, it is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.


Care Package Includes:

-The Perfect White Robe

-RO & CO | Handcrafted linen, flax & lavender Comfort Wrap

-Cloud Socks

-Poppy & Pout | Lip Sugar Scrub & Balm

-Peace O' Mind Tea

-Fruiting Bodies | Chaga Dual Extract Tincture


"Researchers are beginning to explore the possibility that chaga mushrooms can prevent cancer or slow its growth. Chaga mushrooms are a rich source of antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage caused by free radicals or oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause cancer, as well as a number of other health problems. 


Learn more about the Chaga

"One study found that chaga extract could slow the growth of lung, breast, and cervical cancer cells in a petri dish. The same study found that the extract can also slow the growth of tumors in mice. Another study found that triterpenes, a compound found in chaga mushrooms, can destroy tumor cells without harming healthy cells. Although these studies have found promising results, more extensive research on humans is necessary before researchers can prove the anti-cancer benefits of chaga."


WrapThem in Warmth

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