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Inner Matrix Trainer

Brit Kelly

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About Brit's work

As a Certified Trainer with Inner Matrix Systems, Brit trains high achievers from all walks of life in the Art and Science of Personal Mastery. With more than 30 years' experience teaching both children and adults, she has a passion for empowering and supporting others as they create the life they always hoped was possible.

Brit first encountered the practices of Inner Matrix Systems in 2014. Like many of us, she had already tried a variety of ways to eliminate stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed in her career, overcome frustration and disconnect in her relationships, and heal her body from constant tension, pain, and digestive issues.


In the IM method she discovered a powerful synthesis of the art of mindfulness and the science of neurobiology and neuropsychology. She engaged in the training with consistency and intensity and began to align the emotions, train the thought strategies, and rewire the nervous system. This led to new actions that created the life she knows today: Joy and fulfillment in her career, deep love and connection with her husband, and a level of vibrancy and vitality she had never experienced before.


Now that Brit has seen how the IM method transformed her life and the lives of so many others, she is dedicated to sharing and training it with her clients. She teaches Power Series Classes, facilitates Introductions to IMS, and maintains a private practice.

Complementary 3-session intro to the inner matrix systems

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