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The Sundry

It was about 2 months into my self-coordinated recovery from Complex PTSD, that I realized just how much overlap there was between the neuroscience research I was devouring and the spiritual world that I was discovering.  Take The Tarot for example, while it has been used as a way to connect to the unseen since the beginning of the seventeenth century, AND it is one seriously powerful way to add a dose of Positive Psychology to your day.  It was when I read  Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide to a Mindful Life by Emma Toynbee, that I decided to throw my fear of the "Woo Woo" to the wind and just see what it was all about.  Today, The Tarot is one of my favorite parts of my self-care routine. 

I now call myself "Wooish" and strive to make The Sundry and the events that we host here within a zone that accommodates those coming from all spectrums of the Woo Scale.  Curious as to how woo you are?  Check out this fun quiz I found!

As for the scale, we will be using at The Sundry?  You can now look for our star scale for all events to know for sure what to expect.  

My advice in using the scale?  Always live just a little outside of your comfort zone.  It's been my personal experience that's when the best stuff happens.

The Sundry Scale of Woo (1).png

- Jess

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