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June at The Sundry

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Hi friends!

When I first set out to build The Sundry, I envisioned a sophisticated energy shop that offered a place for people to learn how to take care of themselves in a meaningful way. I imagined a place where folks would feel comfortable exploring the aspects of being human that had somehow been removed from the mainstream. I wanted to build a place that would offer a therapeutic environment for people to come together to connect with themselves and one another. For healers and sages alike to gather with our community and teach us once again to care for ourselves in an easy and effective way.

A place where a person can learn how to simply be kind to themself.

I look forward to seeing you soon and hope that one of the events below both speaks to your soul & works for your schedule. :-)

Lots of love,


June 3rd | The Healing Moon | w/Elaina

The moon’s cooling energy creates the perfect setting for one of Elaina's signature meditation journey & energetic activation experiences. As with all of our events at The Sundry, we will have the tea hot and the spots cozy! Come one, come all! No meditation experience or moon knowledge is required.

June 5th | Astrology Night | w/Brenda

Join Brenda Smith, our house astrologer, for a fun and casual night of sipping tea and talking about all things Astrology. To get things rolling, Brenda will be sharing a quick review of the "big three" of our birth chart and answering all our questions along the way.

June 9th | Tarot Circle | w/Michelle

Are you an avid tarot reader/collector? Are you brand new to tarot and have no idea where to begin? Maybe somewhere in between? Grab your favorite deck and come join our tarot circle. We will pull cards, share insights, ask questions, and nerd out over all things tarot.

June 14th | The Healing Lab | w/Elaina & Traci

Q: What is The Healing Lab?

A: A healing experience created by combining healing modalities and practitioners to maximize the investment of one's resources.

This event includes Tea, sound healing w/Traci of Waldo Thai Massage, and a meditative journey & energetic activation w/Elaina of Elated Earth.

We did this one a few weeks ago and trust me, it's AMAZING!

w/Stacie & Li

Li and Stacie will partner together to create an East meets West experience that will deepen your appreciation for tea, awaken your senses to the subtlety and depth of what the ancient traditions call our attention to and reflect on our modern ways to incorporate and enjoy this knowledge, these teas, and preparations into YOUR busy, full, meaningful, everyday life. It's opening a sensory door you can't close and seeing what cannot be unseen after.

I am SO excited to transform the meditation lounge into a tea room for this event! Tickets for this event will be sold on Stacie's site at

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