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Energetic Hygiene | How is yours?

I think about my energy the same way I think about my teeth.

Just as I floss and brush daily for my oral hygiene, I meditate, garden, and soak(just to name a few ways) to manage my energetic hygiene. In addition to my home energetic care, I also seek the support of an Energy Practitioner in the way I seek professional dental care. I go in for regular cleanings and know that I have their support should I have an energetic cavity/block or have any kind of energetic emergencies, such as abnormally high anxiety or finding myself overly sad for apparently no reason.

Side note on my history with Anxiety: I was prescribed my first Xanax in 2009 and had been taking it consistently(when I was not pregnant or nursing) until 2021. I took my last Xanax in July of 2021 and reevaluated the tools I wanted to use going forward. Is my anxiety gone? Of course not! I am a human and this s**t is hard! I have however changed the tools that I keep in my toolbox. The tool that has made the biggest difference? Learning how to manage my energy.

The following offerings are designed to provide a wide range of options for you to learn to manage your own energy and improve your energetic hygiene.

In-Person Offering:

If you caught my last post, you know that we're launching "How to Human | A series of workshops on the things they forgot to teach us" and the first offering is Subtle Energy 101. In this 90 min workshop, Shannon Bryant of will walk us through the basics of the subtle energy system and how to manage it. Shannon also offers Reiki I, II, and Master level workshops at The Sundry.

Virtual Offering:

The brilliant Elaina Cochran of Elated Earth is offering an eight-week series that among other things she will be covering "the greater anatomy - that of your energy body. Experience how you can work with and program it to enhance your life".

"You are Frequency. I am Frequency. Our world is Frequency.

Together we will realign and reorient

to the expansive world of heart-centered living."

In-Person Offering:

Brit Kelly has been coaching me on personal mastery for about 6 months now, and I am SO excited to open the lounge for the:


"Intuition is your highest form of intelligence and your greatest guide on your journey of personal mastery. In this series, you will learn tools and techniques to recognize, cultivate and leverage intuition to bridge the gap from where you are to where you choose to go."

*You can join this group until 8/15/23

Final Thoughts:

If I am being really honest, becoming a self-care professional was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am grateful every day that my life afforded me the opportunity to invest the time and money it has taken to build this little thing.

My goal for the collaborations, workshops, and events that are offered through The Sundry is that they will provide you all with easy and accessible ways for you to up your self-care game.

Humaning is hard, but I don't think it is supposed to be as hard as we are making it on ourselves...

Your healing archetype,


P.S. I am a s**t technical writer and am sure this post is full of typos. If typos are like nails on a chalkboard to you, you should probably unsubscribe. :-)

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